Honoring Our Heritage: Jon Fromer

Jon  Fromer is one of the founders of the Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival and his vision has inspired the core beliefs that fuel our annual celebration.  His contributions and never-ending energy to and for the festival are what makes us who and what we are.  Singer, songwriter, Emmy Award-winning television producer, legendary soccer player, Jon is at his heart, an activist and a catalyst for social change.  This page is dedicated to his efforts for the festival and his passionate embrace of life.

There are two ways to bring light to the world.  
One is to be the flame and the other is to be 
the mirror that reflects the flame.  
Jon is one of those rare individuals who is both.
-Will Durst

Learn more about Jon at www.jonfromer.com.

Messages for Jon

A video down by Mark Wright to Ben Grosscup’s song, “I’ll Be There”.

A video of a new song, “I’m Not Gone” from Hali Hammer, accompanied by Randy Berge.

A song written and performed by Sal Ventura.  Recorded January 19, 2013, at the Western Worker’s Labor Heritage Festival, along with the Fromer Friday Singers, Shelley Kessler, Kendyll Stansbury and David Winters.