About Us

For the people hear us singing
Bread and roses, bread and roses
As we go marching, marching

Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival Officers:

Rachel Warino, President
Maimuna Syed, Vice-President
Katie Ryan, Treasurer
Danielle Tipton, Secretary

About the Officers and Our Mission

We are a group of young women brought together by a shared passion for the intersections between the Labor and Social Justice Movements as well as the art that keeps our movements thriving.

We are organizers at heart, convinced that the connections working people make through shared love of art and heritage provide opportunities to establish strong and long-lasting relationships and networks that are crucial to building worker power.

Want to get involved? Contact us at westernworkersfestival@gmail.com

Board Members

Danielle Tipton
Katie Ryan
Maimuna Syed
Nina Fendel
Rachel Warino
Shelley Kessler
Barrington Gore
Tara Carey
Cassie Purdy
Luis Garza